Legacy Web (Old Site)

The website for the Society of Professional Journalists, Fort Worth Professional Chapter, debuted Oct 10, 1999. Gussied up and on a faster server, it relaunched in May 2015. Many of the files created in that span — the history and accomplishment, the images and ingenuity, the fanfare and fun times — landed in a legacy folder. Looking for material from the old site? It hasn’t gone anywhere; in fact, it’s indexed on this page. Stroll around. Click on everything. Relive a memory or coax a smile. This is who we are. It is who you are.


Best chapter newsletter in all of SPJ, with issues dating to 1992. A collaboration with Greater Fort Worth PRSA and IABC Fort Worth since 1999.

First Amendment AwardsFirst Amendment Awards and Scholarship

Time to ConnectSPJ Careers Conference

A Fort Worth SPJ staple, the well-attended careers conference showcases experts sharing their knowledge. It grew out of the Fort Worth Journalism Project co-sponsored with TCU.


Video tribute to Eddye Gallagher, chapter president 2008-09, 2009-10

Video of John Dycus’ 2010 Dubin Award speech

Presidents for all time

Life After Layoff

Book Benefit
The county hospital book benefit disguised as a Christmas party always strikes a robust note …

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… as did the Summertime Beer Bust, Grape Gala and Burnt & Barbecued Ribfest in July ’02, ’03 and ’04. And those lake adventures (’05, ’06, ’07, ’09). And the field trips (’02, ’05) to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

Are We Losing the Battle SeminarService to the community happens in many ways, including the “Our Crumbling Rights: Are We Losing the Battle?” seminar in June 2014; the Region 8 Conference in 2009 and again in 2012 and 2016; and the National Convention in 2002 — all hosted by Fort Worth SPJ.